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1 Pamela Jenkins Smart Board Activities - Smart Exchange Fact and Opinion Notebook- This fact and opinion smart board activity would be fun for

name Read each turkey statement and decide if it is a fact or an opinion, Cut and paste in the correct column, A male turkey is called a tom. A turkey is one

the fact and opinion writing frame. Explain that for Part B students should write two more opinions about hamsters. ... Opinion Writing (Fact & Opinion) Get a Pet

FACT OPINION Who is the intended audience for this piece? ... For the primary source you are studying, fill in examples of the kinds of tactics used by

Chocolate ice cream has a better flavor than butter pecan ice cream. A. fact B. opinion Reading is the most important subject in school. A. fact B. opinion

Name _____ Identifying Fact and Opinion A fact is something that is true or can be proven. ... _F_____ Bill Clinton was the President of the United States. 3.

Why Is It A Fact Or Opinion? Directions: ... 13. Wilson Bentley was a photographer who took pictures of snowflakes. Fact or Opinion Why?: ...

Fact or Opinion? Task One ... The Spice Girl's album was the most popular at Christmas. 6. ... "This has to be the most exciting game of football that I've seen so

A. fact B. opinion Reading is the most important subject in school. A. fact B. opinion. Houses are often built from ... Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.

british columbia turkey marketing board and the b.c. turkey association 2010 annual general meeting march 10, 2011 agenda

Pick-a-Side Fact vs. Opinion ... This activity can also be set up as a relay race. ... The bats in the cave are very scary.

Is this a fact or opinion? 4 Today’s headline is… Baseball – The Most Exciting Spo rt t Is this a fact or opinion? 1 ... Apples Are Better Than Bananas s

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A JOURNAL OF FACT AND OPINION Shunosaurus lives @ the ... testing events are the late night calls ... once diverted a violent storm from its

Cotton Production Recovery in Turkey Multi-Client Prospectus 2 overall PPI numbers of the agriculture sector in 2011. Recovery signals started at the beginning

Fact or Opinion?: A Conversation Starter on Educational Reform Paula Lancaster ... 6 • Summer/Fall 2012 Colleagues A fter we agreed to write

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opinion? Fact or opinion? A fact is something that is true and that can be proven. An opinion is your feeling or how someone else feels about a particular topic.

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Using Smart Notebook 10.6 SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard ... Turn on the floating toolbar in one of two ways: A. ... SMART Notebook 10.6 ...

and then save, print or e-mail those notes. ... Activity Overview To attach the Pen Tray to the whiteboard, you will: 1. Attach the Pen Tray brackets to the Pen Tray

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A Matter of Opinion: The Oregonian Editorial Board and Sam Adams ... Use this case to discuss editorial writing and the ... Study questions. Help students prepare for ...

Green Transportation: A Smart Business Strategy for Today and Tomorrow. 2 • Encourage other shared rides such as vanpools ... Become “transportation green” and gain

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