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Weekly Reading Log: ... For more directions, see your Spelling Practice booklet, or the Spelling pages on Mrs. Wroblewski’s website. Monday ...

Weekly Homework/Class Work Log ... *80 minutes of reading is required. DATE: MONDAY: ... Reading Response Sheet Extension Project ...

WEEK OF: WEEKLY READING HOMEWORK LOG NAME: ... Read Main Idea and Details: Parent Signature Title and Author; Month Day; Mins. Read Compare and Contrast; Parent Signature

READING HOMEWORK WEEKLY READING LOG ... A portion of your nightly reading homework is to read at least 100 minutes/week. ... SCHEDULE OF YOUR WEEK’S READING

Weekly Homework Reading Log Date Book Title # of Pages # of Minutes Write a comment or connection you made to your reading. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Mrs. Brodeur’s Weekly Homework December 8th-12th Homework Monday High Frequency Words: Practice page (2 sided) Read: ... in your Reading Log! It is due on ...

WEEKLY READING LOG for _____ An important part of your homework responsibilities includes 20-30 minutes of quality reading every ... 6-7 days completed and signed ...

My Homework Reading Log Date Book Title Author Comments Minutes Pages Initials 2/9/15 10-Feb 11-Feb 12-Feb 16-Feb 17-Feb 18-Feb 19-Feb 23-Feb 24-Feb 25-Feb

English Language Arts Weekly Homework: Reading Log: 01/17 – 01/20 Directions: Please read for at least 20 minutes each day. ... 1/16/2017 12:27:14 PM ...

Accelerated Reading Book Log Genres: F = Fiction, NF = Non-Fiction, M = Mystery, SF = Science Fiction, HF = Historical Fiction, B = Biography, & FA = Fantasy

Weekly Homework Log _ _ _ _ Name: Monday Homework Date: ...

Weekly Homework Log Student Name: _____ Parent Signature ... 130 minutes of reading and math for the week. Which 5 days you read and practice math is your choice!

Student Name: Homework Assignment Assigned On Due Date Actual ... Weekly Homework Log.xls Page 1. Title: Weekly Homework Log.xls Author: nadeem.syed Created Date:

Weekly Homework Log Reading 1 point for every session done /8 Spelling 1 point ... /14! Title: Microsoft Word - Homework Log January 23-27.docx

Spanish/Electives:! ! ! ! ! ! I!need!to!take!home:!! ! ! ! ! After School!! ! ! ! ! Title: Microsoft Word - Weekly Homework Log.docx Created Date:

Weekly Homework Log Student Name: _____ Parent Signature ... REFLECTIONS: Choose a reading strategy to respond to what you read. Use the sentence starters to help

multiplication practice: choose 3 nights ... my weekly homework log ... or date the box when finished your nightly reading .

Weekly Wrangler Homework & Behavior Log Name _____ Date _____ Homework packets are due on Friday.

Weekly Homework Log (Week ) [You are REQUIRED to hand this in every week.] Name ... (Write any questions you have this week) *** A Letter to Your Teacher ***

©2014HappyEdugator WEEKLY READING LOG This sheet will help you and your students keep track of independent reading along with making students accountable for their ...

Name_____ Date DUE: _____ (Every FRIDAY) Weekly Reading Log & Timed Reading Fluency WEEKEND MON TUES WED THURS

Weekly Reading Log. This form helps students keep track of reading each week. There is a space for writing comments or quotes about the pages read.

THIRD GRADE WEEKLY READING LOG ... Reading logs count as one homework grade each week. Ten points will be deducted from late reading logs received on the following ...

Weekly Reading and Activity Log Your READING LOG needs to be filled in for each night you read. ... Make a bar graph of your results and write a

Weekly Reading Log Name _____ Week of: November 26- December 2 One thing that good readers do is spend a lot of time reading!

Weekly Advisory Reading Log Last, First: Title of what you read and the date You must read every ... 15. Summarize what happened in this section Eval ue yo r i g

HTS Weekly Reading Log Name: _____ Grade: _____ Date: ... Circle one picture for every 15 minutes of reading.

Weekly Reading Log ... Weekly Math Facts Log ... Monday I practiced math facts for _____ minutes. Here is what I did: ...

Weekly Reading Log Book Title Read alone Read together Minutes Comment Parent Initials Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat TOTAL MINUTES FOR THE WEEK. Title: