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Weekly Reading Log: ... For more directions, see your Spelling Practice booklet, or the Spelling pages on Mrs. Wroblewski’s website. Monday ...

MATH 401: WEEKLY ACTIVITY/REFLECTION LOG Name: Date: School: Subject/Period: Activities: Briefly describe what you did this week. Student Activities: Comment on ...

Weekly Theme Reflection Log Teacher Name: Date: Weekly Theme: Directions Use the space below to reflect on your delivery of the Weekly Theme activities.

Trial: AIC Weekly Reflection & Log 22. Thinking about your work week, please enter the percentage of time spent in each category. Total should equal 100%.

Office of Field Services Weekly Reflection Log for Student Teachers Name: Date Critical Incidents What were the highlights and lowlights of your

Trial: AIC Weekly Reflection & Log 1. ... gfedcHelped with lesson planning, including review of lesson plans and ... This week I completed ...

Weekly Homework Log _ _ _ _ Name: Monday Homework Date: ...

Student Name: Homework Assignment Assigned On Due Date Actual ... Weekly Homework Log.xls Page 1. Title: Weekly Homework Log.xls Author: nadeem.syed Created Date:

WEEK OF: WEEKLY READING HOMEWORK LOG NAME: ... Read Main Idea and Details: Parent Signature Title and Author; Month Day; Mins. Read Compare and Contrast; Parent Signature

Weekly Homework Log Student Name: _____ Parent Signature ... 130 minutes of reading and math for the week. Which 5 days you read and practice math is your choice!

Weekly Homework Log Student Name: _____ Parent Signature ... REFLECTIONS: Choose a reading strategy to respond to what you read. Use the sentence starters to help

multiplication practice: choose 3 nights ... my weekly homework log ... or date the box when finished your nightly reading .

Spanish/Electives:! ! ! ! ! ! I!need!to!take!home:!! ! ! ! ! After School!! ! ! ! ! Title: Microsoft Word - Weekly Homework Log.docx Created Date:

READING HOMEWORK WEEKLY READING LOG ... A portion of your nightly reading homework is to read at least 100 minutes/week. ... SCHEDULE OF YOUR WEEK’S READING

Weekly Homework Log Reading 1 point for every session done /8 Spelling 1 point ... /14! Title: Microsoft Word - Homework Log January 23-27.docx

Weekly Wrangler Homework & Behavior Log Name _____ Date _____ Homework packets are due on Friday.

Weekly Homework Log (Week ) [You are REQUIRED to hand this in every week.] Name ... (Write any questions you have this week) *** A Letter to Your Teacher ***

Weekly Homework/Class Work Log ... *80 minutes of reading is required. DATE: MONDAY: ... Reading Response Sheet Extension Project ...

Weekly Homework Reading Log Date Book Title # of Pages # of Minutes Write a comment or connection you made to your reading. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Mrs. Brodeur’s Weekly Homework December 8th-12th Homework Monday High Frequency Words: Practice page (2 sided) Read: ... in your Reading Log! It is due on ...

English Language Arts Weekly Homework: Reading Log: 01/17 – 01/20 Directions: Please read for at least 20 minutes each day. ... 1/16/2017 12:27:14 PM ...

Using this weekly goal setting worksheet on a daily basis, you will keep your goal top of mind and your mind will automatically set out to accomplish it

FORM F WEEKLY LOG AND JOURNAL 1. Log Each day served at an internship placement shall be annotated in a log/journal. The log/journal shall be 8 ½ X 11 paper, and the ...

My Goal Sheet ”. The students will tape to the Activity Sheet to the top of their desk as a reminder of their goal and mark their progress daily.

We will be using Class Dojo and Dolphin Dollars to reward positive behaviors. The students can earn Dolphin Dollars from any staff member for demonstrating the Darnall

YOUR CHILD’S HOMEWORK AND SIGN THEIR HOMEWORK LOG EACH NIGHT! ... I believe that self­discipline is very important.

Self-Reflection/Goal Setting Interview. Name: Date: This interview is meant to be administered and recorded by the teacher after the Reading

Goal Setting & Reflection . The ultimate purpose for studying another language is to be able to communicate with others using that language.

Name: Date: Self-Reflection on my Goal-Setting Progress I will answer the sections below with truthfulness and honesty to the best of my ability.

REFLECTION TOOLS FOR TEACHER QUALITY ... Teachers, student teachers ... The Substitute (1996), In & Out (1997) 187 (1997).