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AR READING LOG Name_____ AR GOALS DUE on DECEMBER 17th ... 1 Mon 2 Tues 3 Wed PARENT SIGNATURE 4 Thur x 5 Fri 78% Dec. Day Title Author AR Level AR Points Pages Read

Reading Log Reading Log Ranger’s Apprentice Reading Log The B.F.G. Illustration © Joy Allen Illustration © John Blackford Illustration © Quentin Blake Cam Jansen

I will be checking your log once a week on Fridays. Title: Microsoft Word - Student Reading Log.doc Author: Teacher Created Date: 1/29/2016 12:21:39 AM ...

QUILT CODES Student/Class Goal Students often have questions when reading text or online sites about the reliability of the writing and how they judge whether the

INTRODUCING POETRY Student/Class Goal Since poetry is part of the reading and language arts section of the GED test, students will want to practice reading and

Reading Comprehension Student Tracking and Goal Setting Name: Step 1: ... Step 2: Shade in the graph to show how many words you read per minute each time.

June 12 – August 16 Complete 1 hour of reading OR 5 ... the next reading log. *Finish all 8 reading logs and choose a ... *Finish all 8 reading logs and choose a Grand

Student Reading Log—With Goals ... Student Name: _____ ZPD: _____ Class: _____ Goals: Average Percent Correct _____ Points ...

... return the final reading log to ... Parent/Teacher Initials ... I certify that the student named above has completed at least 200 minutes of recreational reading ...

Student Reading Log Name _____ Classroom Teacher _____ Date I started Date I finished Title of my book my book my book Thoughts about my book Copyright © 2003 by ...

4th Grade Reading Goal Sheets ... (conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution) ... 4th Grade Student Reading Goal Sheets CHECKLIST

Student Reading Goal Sheets Checklist 5th Grade Interpreting Text Student Name: _____ I can determine the main idea and details (the most important

2014 – 2015 STUDENT READING LOG ... Every student who completes six hours of recreational reading before the February 6th deadline is eligible for a free admission ...

Student Reading Log—Emergent Reader ... Reader . Title: Book Levels Measure Text Difficulty Author: AJWEMARK Created Date: 20080130220205Z ...

Readers Workshop Student Reading Log Name: _____ Date Title of Book & Author Home or School Page Started

Student Reading Log—With Goals and Progress ... BOOK I’M READING NOW MY PROGRESS Quiz No. Title Book Level Points Date Pages Read Teacher Review/

This log will help you keep track of all your reading. List what you read and the time you spend reading (use the back of this sheet if necessary).

Reading Response Forms CCP1106-5 Before You Teach 6 Individual Student Reading Log _____’s Reading Log Date Title

Title: Student Reading Log - With Goals and Progress Created Date: 9/2/2015 4:59:22 PM

writing standard. "Write Right" Posters ... Improve student achievement in grade-level reading, writing and ... Social Science Performance Data and Yearly Goals.

Welcome to the Six Flags ... entries will not be accepted, and tickets are NOT valid for anyone over age 13, are not for resale and cannot be replaced if lost, ...

STUDENT READING LOG Student Name (first name and last initial): _____ School: ... Reading for homework or a class assignment does not count.

Accelerated Reader . Title: Student Reading Log - Emergent Reader Created Date: 9/2/2015 4:59:22 PM

Accelerated Reader Book Title Author oo Reading Log oo Read To Read With oo Read by ... including but not limited to Accelerated Reader and

Student Weekly Reading Log Name: _____ Week of: DAY MINUTES BOOK TITLE PARENT INTIALS Monday Tuesday

Reading/Math Log – DUE EVERY THURSDAY Student Name: _____ Reading Log: Please read for at least 45 minutes a week, this can be done all at one time ...

Student Reading Log Student Name (first and last): _____ School: ... This form will help you keep track of all your reading.

STUDENT READING LOG Name:_____ 9 Weeks:_____ Date Title Genre Code Minutes Read Page Started Page Ended Home or School (H or S) Author: Allison Carr Created ...

Million Word Challenge Reading Log ... List the books you read on the reading log. ... and write the total in the box at the top of the log. 5.

Accelerated Reader . Title: Student Reading Log - With Goals Created Date: 9/2/2015 4:59:22 PM