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CHOICE, SHARED, AND GUIDED READING: ENTERING AND EXITING A CLASSROOM Time%Frame% ... Microsoft Word - Guided Reading Tracking Sheet.docx Author: Madeleine Tippens

NAME _____ Home Reading Tracking Sheet Date Started: _____ Book Title Initials Book Title Initials

READING LOG TRACKING SHEETSREADING LOG TRACKING SHEETS MAIN EVENTS REFLECTION (Describe three important events. Write complete sentences. Be detailed!)

Reading Comprehension Student Tracking and Goal Setting Name: Step 1: ... Step 2: Shade in the graph to show how many words you read per minute each time.

Daily 5 Math Weekly Tracking Sheet . ... Differentiated Math Homework Weekly Tracking Sheet 1st Envisions Lessons 2nd Envisions Lessons . Author: Niki Created Date:

50 more pages # of pages 60 more pages Title of Book # of pages Total: Total: Teacher's Approval: Teacher's Approval: ... Pokémon® Reading Challenge Tracking Sheet

Grade Title Author Genre Reading Level Reading List 8 Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions Musgrove Nonfiction TBD 9 8 Battle of Jericho, The Draper Fiction 4.7 8 ...

Bingo Reading ResponseBingo Reading Response Title: _____ By:_____ Genre:_____ Date:_____Date:_____Date:_____ • This writing activity is based ...

Reading Log Name: Book Title: ... Date of pages read OR approximate time read: Summary/reflection of your reading: Talk about characters, the problem, ...

Tracking Reading Data 1 ... Reading Level Growth 5th Grade Reading: KIPP Infinity ... Each guided reading teacher collects data and shares


Eye Gaze Tracking for Tracking Reading Progress Department of Electronic Systems Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems Master Thesis Spring 2013

Reflection Worksheet Answer the following questions to reflect on your progress over the past week. ... Reading Plus Weekly Student Reflection Sheet Author:

Kindergarten Reading Screener Student Score Sheet ... Key / Rubric (see the Directions ... Kindergarten Reading Screener Results

Fremont Reading Recovery Training Site Guide Sheet for Student Selection for Reading Recovery 1. Record students’ Observation Survey scores for each task.

Grade Two Reading Screening Measure Page 22 Student Score Sheet Activity 1: MULTIPLE MEANING WORDS Score 1 point for each correct word the student provides.

Kindergarten Reading Screener Student Score Sheet (page 1 of 4) ... (Rhyming Activity) fan, pan cake, make ring, sing bed, fed 0 1 2 16 Foundational ...

Kindergarten Reading Full Measure Student Score Sheet (page 3 of 4) Student Name _____ Date of Administration _____ Test Administrator Name ...

Sample Student Mastery Tracking Sheet Students store their mastery tracking sheet in a manila folder and update based on formative and

STUDENT SELF TRACKING SHEET UNIT 1: LANGUAGE OF GEOMETRY BIG IDEA Language of Geometry We can distinguish between the types of quadrilaterals and triangles and sketch ...

Key / Rubric (see the Directions ... Grade 3 Reading Screener Student Score Sheet (page 7 of 7) ... Grade 3 Reading Screener Results Raw Score Score Category

Grade 2 Reading Screener Student Score Sheet ... (Bats) Student response ... achieved from these activities). Use the

STUDENT TRACKING DATA SHEET . Name _____ Year/Semester entered Bethel _____ Major/Minor _____ Scholarship Student? ____ ID# _____ 1) Application to Major in ...

Geog 101 Student Grade Tracking Sheet # Percent score avg to date Percent score avg to date Percent score avg to date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

STUDENT SELF-TRACKING DEGREE REQUIREMENTS SHEET . FINANCE . Requirements for students following the University Studies Curriculum . IMPORTANT: It is the student’s ...

Grade 3 Reading Full Measure Student Score Sheet ... Question Activity ... Student response correctly identifies the idea the

Key / Rubric (see the Directions ... Comments Subtotal . Grade 2 Reading Full Measure Student Score Sheet ... Grade 2 Reading Full Measure Student Score Sheet ...

• Circle correct letters names/sounds/production: Slash incorrect responses (or unknown) • Vowel sounds are only correct for short -vowel sound.

Reading Recovery Attendance Sheet Year Reading Recovery Teacher: School: ... Weekly Chart ... Date LID WT CAP WV DIC TRL %Acc SC Rate Status Reading. Group

StoryTown 1-1 Reading Recovery® Level Guided Reading Tag 2 B Let’s Tap! 2 B Sad, Sad, Dan 2 B The Van 2 B ... Blast Off! 15 I What Brad Found 14 H