r controlled exception double r following the vowel Documents

Directions for teaching “r” controlled vowels (when the letter “r” follows a vowel, it usually effects the vowel sound. The vowel and the /r/ usually stay in the

The Vowel + r or r-Controlled Syllable ... r-controlled SOUND. r-Controlled Word Cards card turn hurt shirt cord fur bird torn perch porch farm term . ar or ir ur er ...

Around second grade, children learn about r-controlled words. R-controlled words are words that the letter “r” makes the vowel have a different sound then it ...

r-Controlled Vowels: ur or ar ir ... r-Controlled Vowels GK-52 r-Controlled Vowel Bingo Students play bingo using picture cards and r-controlled vowels.

2013 - 2014 hen wand Learn R-Controlled Vowel Sounds fun fit When the letter “r” comes after a vowel, it changes the sound of the vowel. bat folk

r controlled vowel activities PDF r controlled ... what are l controlled vowels PDF r controlled story PDF ... http://kloep.brasilia.me/arch/r-controlled-er-ir-ur ...

Directions: Write the proper r-controlled vowel for each picture. ar ir ur er or Name ... r-controlled-vowels-worksheet-2 Author: Joanne Hall Created Date:

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R-Controlled & Advanced Vowel Flashcards ... beginning in Week 19 of the primary curriculum. The Advanced Vowel flashcards can be introduced in Week 25 of the

r-Controlled Vowel Spellings Junior Jeopardy Assembly Materials: ... sport Hair is straight or : curly 300 The noise that a dog makes: bark The opposite of

SVUSD – Grade 5 Lesson 14 R- Controlled Vowel Patterns in the Stressed Syllable (are. air, ar/er, er, ear, ir, ur) Generalization: Vowel sounds vary noticeably as ...

R-Controlled Vowel Sort Objective Students will sort r-controlled vowel words into groups of matching letter combinations. Materials • R-Controlled Vowel Sort handout

Weekly Spelling List – r-controlled vowel syllables 4th Grade - Week of: 4/8-4/12 1. grocer 2. pepper 3. barber 4. grader 5. polar 6. tanker 7. singer 8. enter

This game will help your students master their r-controlled vowel phonics sounds by ... Multiplication & Division; The ... R Controlled Vowel Phonics Domino Game

R controlled vowel worksheets. R controlled vowel word wall words. Word study for r controlled vowels

r-Controlled Vowel Spellings Junior Jeopardy Assembly ... easy: hard Sneezing can spread this: germ To turn in circles: twirl/whirl Something to eat with:

R-Controlled & Advanced Vowel Flashcards ... This flashcard pack includes ... The clip art images included on the flashcards are

About the Build-a-Skill Instant Books: R-Controlled Vowels and Vowel Digraphs ... Making and Using the Instant Books .....3 Instant Books Flip Book: ar ...

SAM Keyword: r Controlled Use with page 78. Lesson 12 Speed Drill: r-Controlled Vowel /är/ ar Read each word. ... cart dart sharp bookmark part party apart depart

Write “er” words below: Examples My Words ir Cue: ... choice when making an educated guess about how an /ər/word is spelled. ... Write “ur” words below:

1.9 R-Controlled Vowels ( er, ir, ur ), ... L-Controlled Vowels With the l-controlled vowel the letter a rarely gets a short sound before l. ... UNIT 1 42 17 H a n d ...

• Read a Rhyme Read “Scarecrow in the Garden.” ... Have students create ten fill-in-the-blank ... • Little Book Read Miss Muffet and the Spider with

1 The bossy R 43 ... red words, sort of like reading the different parts in a play. ... hard, mark, farm, sharp, start, cart, large, and starve.) harp scarf card

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April showers bring May flowers as we will see in this ... April 1 Room A Fee: $30 #011-Grades 1-2 10:00-11:00 ... #016 –Grades 3-8 12:30-1:30 p.m. THINK SPRING!

R Mix (R Blends, R Vowels, Initial R) Sentence Practice 1. Will you edit the written report before sending it to her? 2. Is everything all right?

R R R R R r r r r r rabbit rainbow ambulance robot Parents, ask your child to: Trace the letters Look at the pictures and find

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