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Vowel digraphs are two vowels that combine to make one long vowel sound. The vowel digraphs ee, ea, ie, and ey make the long vowel /e/. © Scott Knight 2005 1. see

EE. Part II. Sometimes vowel teams ee and ea are confused with ... write the correct vowel team to complete the word. ... Vowel Teams: EE and EA | Vowel Worksheets

Complete all the words below by adding “ee” or “ea”. ... -ee and ea- Double Vowel Worksheet Author:

-ee and ea- Double Vowel Worksheet When you have double vowel words, the second vowel is normally silent and the first vowel is long. The long “e” sound is often

Spelling Week 24 : Vowel Team Syllable: “E” (ee, ea,- ... I team: ‘ie’ is very ... Use i before e except after c or when rhyming with “say” as in neighbor

Free printable phonics sheets for teaching vowel digraphs in ESL/EFL. ... A collection of worksheets that cover vowel digraph patterns such as OA, EE, EA, OU, OW, AI, ...

Vowel Digraphs Look at each picture. Circle the word that names the picture. Write the word on the line. 1. spoon soup spoil 2. gold glue

Name: _____ Words with EE and EA The long e sound (/ē/) can be spelled with the letters ea or ee. Words with /ē/ spelled ee: see, bee, seed

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Speed Drill: Vowel /e/ ea, ee, e, y, ey ... wheat seal maybe freeze baby screen speech sneaker ... SAM Keyword: Long e.

... This worksheet may be reproduced without permission for educational use. Long Vowel Sounds: ea. Title: Microsoft Word Viewer 97 - ea word bank.doc

Vowel Group Four Teams ai ay ea ee ey oa oe ow ue ue ui ... The vowel team ue is double underlined when it represents the second long sound of the letter u: ...

Diagraph Worksheets ar ... Match the word to the ... star . Name ea Date / / Circle the ea sound below oa ai ea ie ee ea ie wh ie ch ea wh Write 6 ea words ...

A vowel team is a combination of two vowels that represent a long or short vowel sound. The letters ea sometimes stand for the /e/ sound.

Directions for teaching vowel digraphs (vowel teams). ... syllable has only 1 vowel sound and ends with a ... 3. Have students read the words on the board,

combination has a special sound associated with it. The E vowel combinations are ee, ea, eu/ew, and ei/ey/eigh. Created Date: 1/3/2007 8:53:11 PM ...

... Phonics & Word Study • ©The Mailbox ... Hard g and soft g ... Hard c and soft c ...

Long e is sometimes spelled ee and ea: ... that stand for long vowel sounds). To practice at home, have your child read ... Read the following passage.

Long Vowel Digraphs Spelling Words coast feast speech wheat Spain paint arrow needle charcoal pralse/ ... Words Halloween really "..,~:~-:'c:::1:

Phonics Long Vowel Digraphs 73 Long Vowel Digraphs Directions Choose the word with the long a, long e, or long o sound that best matches each definition.

Home Activity Your child is learning about different spelling patterns for long vowel sounds. Select

Vowel Digraphs Recycled glass is popular today Grade 2 Term 3: ... Reading and Phonics: Recognises vowel digraphs Write sentences using the following words: railway,

EE and EA; OA; OU and OW; OO; OI and OY; EW and UE; Silent "e" Phonics; Teaching strategies Classroom activities. Skills Workshop EE Resource is a long PDF with word ...

Sentences for Vowel Pairs/Digraphs 2 ©EDUPRESS, INC.™ EP195 Introduction Teachers know that phonics is an important part of literacy instruction.

Stories for Vowel Pairs/Digraphs 2 ... By introducing children to phonetically spelled words and word families, ... (or review) a specific phonics skill or word ...

Long e is sometimes spelled ee and ea: speech, feast. Long o is sometimes ... Word Sort Sort words by the spelling of the long vowel sound. 0328480495_019 ... Family ...

Center-in-a-Bag™ Go Fish Vowel Digraphs, ... • 2 Double-sided Write Again® Mats ... Pass out a Sorting Matand a Crayonto each PHONICS vowel digraphs Author: Mark Cox Created Date: 7/9/2005 5:26:03 PM ...

Phonics: Fishing for Vowel Digraphs Resource ID#: 29808 Primary Type: Student Center Activity ... Know spelling-sound correspondences for additional common vowel teams.

Word Sort Sort the list words by their long vowel ... Home Activity Your child has been learning to spell words with long vowel digraphs (letter combinations