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Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA™) Second Grade The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2)™ is an interim benchmark assessment that is designed

The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2)™ is an interim benchmark assessment that is ... Suggested Books Level 1 Count and See; Hoban, Tana

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Guidelines MARKING PERIOD 1--BEGINNING OF THE YEAR ... • (93%-96%) accuracy with DRA Comprehension score of 14+

Kindergarten First Second ... Emergent Readers Early Readers Transitional Readers ... The language in the books will contain high-frequency words, ...

Developmental Reading Assessment ... These two versions cannot be ... reading assessment in October or do not have 3rd grade scores attributed back to the 2nd grade.

DRA Primary Class Data Tracking Sheet School: Teacher Name: Grade: Class: Last Name First Name ... Sample Student NF 4 150 5 97% Inconsistent Considerable 9/28/2009

Assessment for LeArning And teAching ... Grade 1: Geometry and Spatial Sense ... its uses should be guided by the Ontario Mathematics

www.etfoassessment.ca ! TOOL // Assessment Binder and Tracking Sheet What is the tool? Kindergarten Assessment Binder What is it used for? It is used to collate key ...

STARS - Observation/Assessment/Conference Tracking Sheet by Classroom (Optional Tool) ELP-03 Page 2 of 2 7/1/2006 Current STAR Level: Goal STAR Level:

CHOICE, SHARED, AND GUIDED READING: ENTERING AND EXITING A CLASSROOM Time%Frame% ... Microsoft Word - Guided Reading Tracking Sheet.docx Author: Madeleine Tippens

NAME _____ Home Reading Tracking Sheet Date Started: _____ Book Title Initials Book Title Initials

Developmental Reading Assessment ... proceed with the steps to give the assessment. ... The general rule when scoring the rubric at these levels is to NOT penalize ...

40 Developmental Reading Assessment Guidelines Once you begin to implement DRA2 in your class-room, you will find an organizational system that

READING LOG TRACKING SHEETSREADING LOG TRACKING SHEETS MAIN EVENTS REFLECTION (Describe three important events. Write complete sentences. Be detailed!)

The Developmental Reading Assessment (Second Edition) DRA2 is mandated for all Connecticut Priority School Districts. The DRA2 Questions and Answers document is updated

Developmental Reading Assessment, ... Dominie Reading & Writing Assessment Portfolio 32 ... families,and give educators a common language based on national standards and

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2) What is the DRA? The Developmental Reading Assessment provides teachers with a method for assessing and documenting primary ...

Check to see that the following are ... DRA K-3 Assessment ... evaluate student retellings and determine their level of comprehension. 5. Decide on the format you ...

Developmental Reading Assessment 2nd Edition (DRA2) ... Developmental Reading Assessment: 2nd ... evaluate the reading level of students enrolled in Grades 1 ...

50 more pages # of pages 60 more pages Title of Book # of pages Total: Total: Teacher's Approval: Teacher's Approval: ... Pokémon® Reading Challenge Tracking Sheet

Daily 5 Math Weekly Tracking Sheet . ... Differentiated Math Homework Weekly Tracking Sheet 1st Envisions Lessons 2nd Envisions Lessons . Author: Niki Created Date:

DEVELOPMENTAL READING ASSESSMENT, 2ND EDITION ... reading assessment in grades K-4 ... combination of K-3 and 4-8 DRA2

and validated Developmental Reading Assessment helps teachers pinpoint ... DEVELOPMENTAL READING ASSESSMENT, 2ND EDITION (DRA2) ... reading assessment in grades K-4

Developmental Reading Assessment, ... For additional Areas of Focus, as well as Funding Sources, ... Domain Labels (6 per student); ...

Tracking Preschool Children With Developmental ... in identifying diag-nostic categories for young ... children % * Tracking preschool children Developmental

Eye Gaze Tracking for Tracking Reading Progress Department of Electronic Systems Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems Master Thesis Spring 2013

• Does the child say the initial /f/ sound and match the sound to the letter f? ... from the lettera in the second wordraindrop? ... Reading Skill: Use Illustrations

CAN DRA SCORES BE PREDICTED FROM BEGINNING OF KINDERGARTEN LETTER ASSESSMENT ... letter naming and sounds ... letter recognition assessment to see what ...

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