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Student Progress Monitoring Graph - easyCBM Reading Name: ID: Class: Grade: Year: School: ... Passage Reading Fluency - Accuracy (Grade-Level Passage: Third Grade)

• Does the child say the initial /f/ sound and match the sound to the letter f? ... from the lettera in the second wordraindrop? ... Reading Skill: Use Illustrations

CAN DRA SCORES BE PREDICTED FROM BEGINNING OF KINDERGARTEN LETTER ASSESSMENT ... letter naming and sounds ... letter recognition assessment to see what ...

Guided Reading Level: J Reading Recovery: 17-18 © Copyright READINGRESOURCE.NET. Title: Microsoft Word - labelspageone.doc Author: Katie Appel Created Date:

Suggested levels for Guided Reading, DRA, ... Biography Genre Comprehension Skills and Strategy Text Features ... labels, diagrams, charts, graphs, sidebars, ...

Mystery Graph Activity Guide Sheet (Unlabeled Graphs) As a group, review the four graphs that you have been given in your packet. Based on what you have received ...

Student Registration ... month/day/year (optional ... information may also be provided to the Minister of Education for the purpose of carrying out programs, ...

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Guidelines MARKING PERIOD 1--BEGINNING OF THE YEAR ... • (93%-96%) accuracy with DRA Comprehension score of 14+

WILL STORYTELLING ACTIVITIES INCREASE DRA READING COMPREHENSION ... REVIEW OF LITERATURE ... told a story about Curious George while drawing the action of the scene.

Kindergarten First Second ... Emergent Readers Early Readers Transitional Readers ... The language in the books will contain high-frequency words, ...

The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2)™ is an interim benchmark assessment that is ... Suggested Books Level 1 Count and See; Hoban, Tana

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA™) Second Grade The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2)™ is an interim benchmark assessment that is designed

The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is an individually administered assessment of a child’s reading capabilities. It is a tool to be used by instructors to ...

Suggested levels for Guided Reading, DRA, ... captions, labels, diagrams, charts, graphs, ... Owl’s skeleton

Developmental Reading Assessment ... These two versions cannot be ... reading assessment in October or do not have 3rd grade scores attributed back to the 2nd grade.

Editable Student Newspaper Template The Great for home or school! Graphics: ... •Kids can use these pages to

using this editable and truly flexible resource. ... lesson plans and student notes. ... Bundle Sets 1-5 Super Bundle -

Grade Level Lexile Rating AR Level DRA Level Fountas Pinnell Guided Reading ... AR-Lexile-DRA-Reading Counts Chart.xls Author: COX_STEPHEN Created Date:

... the more they realize that whales are among the most intelligent animals ... other whales in their pod, ... Orca Whales Also known as killer whales,

xls search for dra reading level chart,dra reading level chart,dra reading ... levels based on the Developmental Reading Assessment ... 606/file /ReadingLA/Leveled ...

Suggested levels for Guided Reading, DRA, ... Text Features Expository ... like to know about the Statue of Liberty?

K-3 DRA 2 . Fort Bend ISD . DRA 2 ... You do NOT need to score the Oral Reading Continuum. Reassess at a lower DRA 2 text level. ... Level 28 Written Response examples:

... Mid and End of Year Reading Benchmarks and DRA Ceilings ... Kindergarten 6 ... Beginning Reading Benchmarks and DRA Ceilings

Other Animal Wonders Scott Foresman Reading Street 3.3.4 ... 113363_001-024.indd 23363_001-024.indd 2 111/16/05 3:18:22 PM1/16/05 3:18:22 ... sailing ships from the ...

Reader Response Questions Answers ... you will see many kinds of plants. There ... slowly adapted to changing conditions.

Danny’s Groundhog Day 978-0-9713518-9-9 Mia Coulton 16 F 10 Y 0.8 10 ... Danny’s Rocket Lap Book 978-1-62544-187-4 Mia Coulton 16 G 12 Y 1.1 12

Grade Level Lexile Rating AR Level DRA Level Fountas Pinnell Guided Reading 3 550 3 28 M N 3.2 575 3.2 28 M N 3.3 600 3.3 30 N O 3.5 625 3.5 34 O O

DRA Lexile ATOS K A to B 1 to 2 BR-199 ... that a student in the third month of first grade should be able to read the book ... Reading Comparison Chart .

INSTRUCTIONAL LEVEL EXPECTATIONS FOR READING Fountas & Pinnell Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations ... Expectations for Reading chart is intended to provide

Early Guided Reading Lesson Plan (25 minute) ... Use clear and simple language, ... February 2012. Based on The Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson. Title: