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Character Presentation Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Analysis Accurately describes several dominant details from the novel and thoroughly

Character Analysis Paragraph Rubric The paragraph has a thoughtful topic sentence that clearly identifies a main personality trait of the protagonist.

F. RUBRIC: CHARACTER SCRAPBOOK or MEMORY BOX ... Book Title_____ Period/Block ... scrapbook or memory box

with dog sled racing yet’’ Case Studies: Iditarod Decisions Cartoon Strip: Red and Rover ... The Character of Sports. Volume 12, Issue 8

Rubric for Character Analysis Assignment 4 3 2 1 Connection between character and color imagery Explains how the color imagery helps a reader gain a

Name_____ Period_____ Character Analysis Essay—Directions and Rubric 1. Complete the “Character Analysis Essay—Prewriting” worksheet.

Make sure to write the name of your character on your silhouette. ... Character Trait Silhouette Grading Rubric ... Project is handed in late

Character Analysis Rubric Teacher Name: ... Development Character is well-defined and focus is clear from the first paragraph; thesis statement is crystal-

Character Presentation Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Analysis Accurately describes several dominant details from the novel and thoroughly

Character Sketch Rubric Excellent Good Developing Not Yet Missing Character Development Original, fresh character is believable, consistent ...

Character Blog: Assessment Rubric 1 – 4 5 – 7 8 – 10 Writing Content: The posts accurately and interestingly represent the chosen character’s thoughts and ...

Literary Hero/Villain – Character Analysis Rubric ... proves that the character has the traits that are asserted in the analysis; a precise explanation as to

Rubric for Character Sketch Superior Good Fair Unacceptable Personal Qualities ... throughout the poster. There is 1 error in capitalization or punctuation.

Character Sketch Rubric (Peer Assessment) ... How well does the character sketch achieve the following criteria? Criteria Needs work Fair Good Very good

D. RUBRIC: CHARACTER POSTER Name_____ Book Title ... excellent understanding of the character. Most captions are clear, concise, logical, and

Character Diary Instructions & Rubric Write at least five substantial journal entries from the perspective of a character in your book ... Character Diary Entry Example

Character’s Name Picture of Character Description of Character Excellent All information is present. Detailed ... Character Analysis T-Shirt Rubric Created Date:

... The Character Diaries Info Sheet with Rubric ... Dear Diary, Today I went …). For each entry, ... relating to the book or scene, your character’s name ...

Character Trading Card Rubric 4 3 2 1 Description Setting, Appearance, and Personality sections all completed with excellent detail. Setting, Appearance, and

Letter as a Character Book Project & Rubric Directions: Write a personal letter, as one of the characters, to another character in your novel.

Character Strength3 Description! Youwrote!fewer than3L4 ... Microsoft Word - Character Strengths Poster Rubric- Choices.docx Author: Primeau, Jamie Created Date:

Psychological Character Sketch Assignment Rubric: Poster and Presentation. Presentation Student continually talks as the character, using the text and

Character Map: Rubric 4 3 2 1 Character Includes Main Characters and 3 Sub ... AL EVIDENCE AND RELATE IT TO THEIR CHARACTERS-- THIS FOSTERS TO THEIR INTELLECTUAL ...

40 Rubrics & Checklists to Assess Reading and Writing Scholastic Professional Books Rubric Rubric for Scoring Writing About a Character’s Change

Character Alphabet Requirements & Rubric ... character or book (the sentences could be about ANY character.) Conventions Character Alphabet contains no spelling

Rill PAP ELA Character Sketch Rubric 10 8 6 Character Description I paint a word picture of my character through physical description and personality traits. I

Lord of the Flies Character Scrapbook Rubric ... The scrapbook cover should be on poster board or large construction paper or ... Lord of the Flies Character Scrapbook

Pre/Post Self-Assessment Rubric ... the seating chart on the formative assessment rubric. ... of students to compare/contrast students’ self-assessment rubrics ...

Step 1 Escribe el Resumen de Proyecto (write the summary of the Project) • Research your Reading Book Character and decide what he or she is like, how they

Tableau Rubric Students work in ... character's thought, emotion, or action with some clarity clearly expresses the character's thought, ... POST CR9-Tableau Rubric ...